Mighty Oaks - Stay (Rihanna cover)


Mighty Oaks | Stay (Rihanna cover)

This is so good. 

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Who is a great web host in Canada with servers in Canada? From Joe down the 401 in Kingston. — Asked by Anonymous

I have used Korax.net for many years for my own stuff

SEO Pros HelpLine Hangout: Majestic SEO Tips and Tricks with Dixon Jones and David Harry and more buds from the Pros and Dojo communities (by Terry Van Horne)

11 Alternative Search Engines


Via BBC News Technology

‘At one time Google was clearly a better search engine - now we can debate that point,’ said Greg Sterling, a tech analyst who writes for the Search Engine Land news website.

A very tempting and comprehensive list of search engines from around the world. 

I was commenting today on the podcast that this is the first time google search has deteriorated to the point of it becoming a vulnerability to its dominance

Welcome to another episode of the Regulators on SEO Dojo Radio! This week Terry,Justin,Steve and David rapped about Search and social news for another hour of SEO Dojo Radio hilarity and chaos!

This week the boys discussed spam on many levels and types; Google+ Hangouts; Google Panda Updates; Social as the new SEO; the steady degradation of Google Search quality and more!

The Regulators

Your Business Cannot Afford NOT to Have Office Space Downtown

How VoIP Can Save Your Business Money

From: http://www.canadaone.com/ezine/july_august_2013/voip_saving_money.html

Alexander Graham Bell probably never envisioned today’s telephone technology that enables people to hold a conversation from opposite ends of the globe.

Telephone technology has come a long way and is becoming increasingly sophisticated and mobile. Now, you can use your personal computer - from anywhere in the world - to hold a voice conversation or video conference with anyone.

Welcome to another episode of the Regulators on SEO Dojo Radio! This week Steve was busy on the Homestead so David, Terry and Justin yakked about Search and social news producing another hour of SEO Dojo Radio goodies.

This week the guys talked about Google new +1; the usual penguin, panda and Google algo update news; how Google sees your website; spam, spam and more spam!!; Moz anaul ranking factor roundup and other goodies.

The Regulators

That’s not a good thing but it sure seperates the able SEO firms from those who use a client’s ignorance of the EMD factor to gain serps from those of us who know better…and gain honest rankings without this scam!
For more info on the whole EMD and ranking factors in general….remembering that knowledge is power….try these great links….


Sorry Jim but I’m calling BS on this. I think if it is available and makes sense (yes I should be looking) it is my responsibility to at least make the client aware of it and it’s availability. I’m calling BS on calling it a scam… cuz if that is a scam…. so is selling SEO and just being a link builder. I get your premise… but it is still the responsibility of an SEO to know all the possibilities. To not say that “proper usage” of EMD is an advantage is to not be looking at the SERPs…cuz they rank everywhere… agreed the EMD crutch is not very credible…but a skilled SEO/Marketer can do more with it than just rank … there is a world outside of the Internet ;-)

Marketers Keep Saying They’re Going to Up Their YouTube Efforts, But Adoption Isn’t Moving

Source Social Media ExaminerFor the third consecutive year, YouTube is the channel where most marketers plan on increasing their social media efforts, according to survey results from Social Media Examiner’s latest annual “Social Media Marketing Report”. This year, 69% plan to increase their YouTube marketing efforts in the near future, while another 17% plan to maintain current levels, and just 13% don’t have any plans to utilize the platform. Last year, 76% planned to increase their YouTube efforts, against 33% who didn’t plan any such marketing activities, while the year before, 77% planned to increase their efforts versus 10% who had no YouTube marketing plans. But YouTube adoption has remained flat: it stood at 56% in 2011, 57% in 2012, and is once again at 56% this year.


Beam Me Up // Cazzette

Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) YouTube management bragged about reaching the one billion active user level. But it said little about its revenue contribution to the search company, because it makes almost none. In the offending blog post, leaders of the big video website make misleading comments about how well it has done with marketers: In the last eight […]

YouTube: One Billion Users and Little Revenue

Offending blog post… to whom? That has been the internet way for years….dating back to AOL selling ads to sites it owned